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The Black Mass

The Black Mass




Missa Niger;

La Messe Noire

A true factual account the principal
Ritual of Satanic Worship.

The Black Mass


The Black Mass is divided into five segments
which,for the sake of clarity,are given separately
with a brief commentary upon each one. The first
segment is the INTRIOT and consist of a preparatory
dialogue between the celebrant and his server(s)
which helps to set the tone for what is to follow.
This segment closely follows the form of the Christian
Mass,yet the dedication has been reversed,with the name Satan substituted for that of Jehovah and Christ.
This part is brief and private,with no rubric To
define the action of the priest or his server(s) during
its recital,and no call upon the assembled worshippers
to assist in anyway with its performance.

The evry first words of the INTROIT may well signal
whats to follow,but without any rubrics must be
regarded as merely a conjecture as to the actual
actions of the celebrant.The woman who is to serve as
alter for the mass,it must be assumed,has by this time
has been conducted to her place.The acolytes have ignited
the censers and candles and made all ready for the rite
blaspheming Jesus Christ which is about to be preformed.
The celebrant and those who are to assist him,in the case
of this ritual a boy child and a girl child,traditionally pass the age of seven,which is regarded as the philisophical age of reason,approach the tabernacle.The
Priest,if such we may call him,may well make a brief
initial penetration of the alter at this point, as
suggested by the formula here given.The remander of the
INTROIT may well be taken up with a ritual surveyal of
the items disposed of the celebration of this unhallowed rite.

The alter-boy is a byword in Catholicism.It is therefore
most appropriate that a Satanic Mass make use of both
a boy and a girl for its servers,with the girl, as
appears later,taking the most active part.That there
should be no overtly sexual usage attached to her
pressence is perhaps more due to the restraint of the
C19th Satanic ritual than to anything eles.In veiw of
the copulation to come later and the rubric attaching
to it we may not be wholly mistaken in regarding the
girl server`s role as somewhat sublimated.

The paraphernalia of the Satanic Mass,convenietly set
to hand within the sanctuary,if we may use such a term,will,
from an examination of extant rubric,be as follows,

i)A consecrated Host,either sanctified by the renegade
priest who traditionaly formed satan`s Masses or stolen
from a church tabernacle.It was on occasions obtained a
cummunicant of the Catholic faith coating his or her mouth with alum,so that the wafer did not spoil from contact with
the saliva,or eles by rapid removal and secretion in a small
bag usualy worn around the neck expressly for this purpose.

ii)A supply of wine.Traditionally red wine,which better maintains analogy with the blood of christ,is used for both Black and White Masses.The strong red wine of Tarragona in
Eastern Spain is one of the prime constituents of both the
vino sacro and the vinum sabbati.It has been known,though for the wine used for Black Masses to be adulterated with a
variety of both noxious and hallucinogenic sundries.

iii)A Chalice to contain the wine.Customarily this is a
silver or any metal or substance but gold,as is a requirement for all the alter furnishings used is satanism.
As LeVay rightly points out,gold was the preferred metal
of christianity and other good religions,and therefore blasphemies,with the christian religion might be maintained,
the chalice will be equipped with a paten and veil,though the decorations will be pagan or satanic rather than overtly christian in their symbolism.

iv)A thurible and incense boat.Charcoal and some cumbustible
fluid,such as methylated spirits,will be required to ignite the incense and libirate the fumes.

The incense may be anything from the finest church incense
to that which was desribed by Heysmans,who gave the ingredients,though not their revelent proportions,as follows:1.Asphalt from the streets.2.Leaves of henbane,datura and dried nightshade.3.Myrrh.Although he does not include it in his prime ingredients,Huysmans also mentions a resinous ordour which would undoubtedly be hashish.The list is interesting in containing Myrrh, one of the gifts of the three kings to the christ-child yet traditionally bitter and unacceptable,and three poisonous and,in the l;itrature of witchcraft,well-known herbs.These are best examined separatly.

a)Henbane,Hyoscyamus niger,has been regarded poisonous since the days of Dioscorides.Both seeds and capsules have been smoked to relieve toothache,and its poisonous Alkaloids
withstand both drying and boiling,making it a ideal constituent for any incense.Ingested it is fatal to any man or animal.

b)Thorn Apple,Datura stramonium,has very simular properties
with regard to drying and storage.It is a notorious poison and regardedas a dangerous psychedelic deleriant,as is Henbane as is

c)Deadly NightShade,Atropa belladonna.Atropos,in Greek myth was the third fate,the one who used her shears to cut the threads of men`s lives.Its poisonous Alkaloids,like those of Henbane and Thorn Apple,withstand boiling and drying and,
like them,it was a traditional ingredient of witches`flying ointment and a psychedelic,creating excitement and delerium.

v)An image of Satan.Obviously the nature and form of such an image will be up to the individual interpretation of what ever cult of Satanist is performing the mass.C19th Luciferans would possibly imply the image of a beautiful youth,equating Lucifer with the morning and evening stars as a male form of Venus.A more blatantly pagan and sexual image of Satan which might possibly also have been used as a alternative The Sabbatic Goat depicted by Eliphas Levi.

vi)A bell.

vii)Candles and candle holders.Huysmans candles were black,as demanded by tradition,and contained coal tar and pitch for their colouring,baby fat was used to be a staple ingredient of sabbatic lighting.The number and design of the candelabrum is not stipulated by the rubric.The author possesses a pair of candelabra,Mad for a C19th Scottish occultis.which are two branched and,at the union of the branches,bear a double-horned with a typically Luciferan expression.

viii)A small cauldron.

ix)An aspergillus,LaVey insist that this should be phallic in shape.Such insistance is at least I accord with the spirit of Satanic ritual.By tradition only the alter is naked at the outset of the celebration of the Black Mass.The celebrant the servers and the congregation at least wear token clothing.These range from simple smocks to full satanic canonicals,embroidered with anything from acorns and phalli to rams,goats and other satanic beast.

V:In nomine Magni Dei Nostri Satanus introibo ad altara Domini Inferi.(In the great name of Satan I will go to the alter of the Infernal Lord.
R:Ad Eum Qui laetificat eum
(To Him who gives joy unto me)
V:Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini Inferi.
(Our name is the name of the Infernal Lord)
R:Qui regit terram.
(Who reigns on earth)
V:Domine Satanus,Tua est terra.Orbem terrarum et plentitudinem ejus Tu fundusti.Justitia et luxuria parepartia sedis Tuae.Sederunt principes et adversum me loquebantur,et iniqui persecuti sunt me.Adjura me,Domine Satanus meus.(Thine is the earth Lord Satan.Thou hast founded the earth and the fullness thereof.Justice and luxury are the preperation of Thy Thorne.Princes sat and spoke against me,and the wicked persecuted me.Help me Lord Satan.
Custodi me,Dominue Satanus,de manu peccatoris.
(Keep me,Lord Satan,from the hands of the wicked)
R:Et ab hominibus iniquis eripe me.
(And from unjust men deliver me)
V:Domine Satanus Tu conversus virificabis nos.
(Lord Satan,Thou shalt turn again and quicken us.)
R:Et plebs Tua laetabitur in te.
(And they people shall rejoice in Thee)
V:Ostende nobis,Domine Satanus,potentiam Tuam.
(Lord Satan,shows thy power)
R:Et beneficium Tuum da nobis.
(And grant us Thy bounty)
V:Domine Satanus,exaudi meam.
(Lord Satan,hear me.)
R:Et clamor meus ad Te veniat.
(And let my cry come unto thee)
V:Dominus Inferus vobiscum.
(The Infernal Lord be with you)
R:Et cum tuo
(And with you also)
V:Goria Deo Domino Inferi,et in terra vita hominibus fortibus.Laudamus Te,benedicamus Te,adoramus Te,glorificamus Te,gratias agimus tibi propter magnam potentiam Tuam:Domine Satanus,Rex Inferus,Imperator
(Glory to God the Infernal Lord,and on earth light and strength to man.We praise Thee,we bless Thee,we adore Thee,we glorify Thee,we give thanks to thee for Thy great power,Lord Satan Infernal King Almighty Emperor.


The first segment of the Black Mass to involve both the celebrant and the assembled worshippers is the OFFERTORY.
This is the communion time,The black priest shows the wine and the wafer,the wafer traditionally consecrated host stolen from a church or concealed during the hypocritical communion of a false christian.He then censes the alter and all upon nthe table the alter rest upon.During a series of versicles and responces he involves the congergation in the rite thus assuring himself of their loyalty to his infernal master and their fitness to participateb in what is follow.
The OFFERTORY culminates in a hosanna which is offered,as might be expected,to the depths and demands as custom demands.

The Chalice and paten,upon which rest the wafer,are uncovered by the celebrant.He takes the paten in both hands and raises it breast-high in a attitude of offering,then speaks the following words

V:Susipe,Domine Satanus,hanc hostiam,quam ego dignus famulus Tuus offero Tibi,Deo Meo Vivo et Vero,pro omnibus circumstantibus,sed et pro omnibus fidelibus famulis Tuis,ut mihi et illis proficiat ad felicitatem in hanc vitam.Amen
(LordSatan recieve this host which I,Thy worthy servant,offer to Thee,my True and Living God,for all here present,as also for all Thy faithful servants,that it may avail for my own and their rejoicing in this life.Amen.)

Replacing the paten and the wafer he raises the chalice in like manner,saying:

V:Offerimus Tibi,Domine Satanus,calix carnis stimulos ut in
conspectu majestatis Tuae, pro nastros utilitate et felicitate,paceat Tibi.Amen.
(Lord Satan we offer Thee the chalice of fleshly lust,that it may arise in the site of thy majesty for our use and gradification and be pleaseing unto thee.Amen)

He replaces the Chalice upon the alter,then extends his hands,the palms downwards and says:

V:Veni Satanus,Imperator Mundi,ut animabus famulorum famularumque Tuarum haec prosit oblatio.
(Come Satan,Emperor of the world,that the souls of thy servants and handmaids may profit by this sacrifice.)

The thurible and incense boat are brought forward and the celebrant thrice sprinkles incense upon the coals saying:

V:Incensum istud ascendat ad te,Dominus Inferas ,et decendat
super nas beneficium Tuum.
(May this incense rise before thee,Infernal Lord,and may thy blessings descend upon us.)

He then takes the thurible and cences the alter and gifts.First the censes the chalice and wafer with three swigs widdershins and bows.Then he raises the censer three times toward the image of Satan,then bows again.Lastly he censes the tops and sides of the alter three times by,circumnabulation if the appoinments of the temple be convenient.

V:Dominus Inferus vobiscum.
(The Infernal Lord be with you)
R:Et cum tuo.
(And with you also)
V:Sersum corda.
(Lift up your hearts)
R:Habemus ad Dominum Inferus.
(We lift them up to the Infernal Lord)
V:Gratias agamus Domino Inferno Deo Nostro.
(Let us give thanks to the Infernal Lord our God)
R:Dignum et justum est.
(It is meet and just to do)

The celebrant raises his hands palms downward and continues.

V:Vere dignum et justum est,nos Tibi semper et ubique gratias agere:Domine Rex Inferus,Imperator Mundi.Omnes exercitus inferi Te laudant cum quibus et nostras voces ut admitti juberas deprecamur dicentes.
(It is truly meet and just that we should at all times and in all places give thee thanks:Lord Infernal King,Emperor of the world,Jubilantly all the infernal praise thee,and with them we join our own voices,saying:

The celebrant bows and says:

The bell is rung three times at this point.
V:Dominus Satanus Deus Potentiae,pleni sunt terra et inferi
gloria Tua
Hosanna in profundis.
Lord Satan,God of Power,Earth an Infernus are full of thy
glory,Hosanna in the depths.


The third segment in the five comprising the present recension of the Black Mass is the CANON.Up to this point
the Mass has been Blasphemous in language and accountrements
but has refrained from any abnormal or deviant behaviour
on the part of the worshippers.In the CANON,however,we
begin to appreciate the abandon required not only of the
celebrent,but of the participating congergation as well.
The asexual and,in its relegation of the role of a woman
to that of participant but never priest,male dominated
nature of christianity is noted and openly challenged by
the words the celebrent and the actions of the congergation
in exposing themselves as the saying,`Let the sighing of
the prisoner come before thee`is uttered.Thus is the tone
set for all that may follow and the worshippers prepare to
take their part in whatever may be required of them.The contact
of the priest with the genitalia of the alter is both an
extension and a confermation of the action noted above.
Asperation with the Urine of an acolyte is traditional to
the Black Mass,dating back to the undefined and ill-understood pratice of the sabbat of the witches performed
in ages long ago.That the acolyte should be female is
appropriate,according to the anonymous French Author previuosly cited,who regarded the foul rites of the sabbat
in part as revenge of a woman upon her male persecutors.

V:Domine Satanus,gentes christianorum,quae in sua feritate
confidunt,sinisterae tuae potentia conterantur.Pone illos
ut rotam,et sitcut stipulam ante faciem venti.Excite,Domine Satanus, potentiam tuam et veni.Vindica sanguinem serverum
tuorum,qui effusus est;intret in conspestu tuo gemitus compeditorum.
Lord Satan,the christians,who trust intheir own fierceness
may be crushed by the power of thy left hand.Make them like a wheel,and as a stubble before the face of the wind.Stir up thy might,Lord Satan and come.Avenge the blood of thy servants which has been shed;let the sighing of the prisoners come in before thee.

The celebrent and the congergation expose their genitalia
to the image of Satan,standing naked before him as Adam before Lilith.The celebrent then says:
Credo in Satanus,qui laetificat juventum meam.Oromus te,
I believe in Satan,who gives joy to my youth.We praise thee.

Here the celebrant kisses the alter upon her genitals.

DOminus Inferus,miserere nobis.In spiritu humilitatus,et in
animo contrito suscipiamur a Te. Domine Satanus;et sic fiat
sacrificium nosterum in conspectu tuo hodie,ut placeat tibi.
Veni a porta inferi,redime me at miserere mei.Veni,Magister
Templi.Veni,Magister Mundi.Pleny sunt terra majestatis gloriae tuae.
Infernal Lord,have mercy upon us.In a humble spirit,and
with contrite heart,may we be recieved by thee,Lord Satan.
and may our sacrifice be so offered as to be pleasing in thy site.Come from the gate of Hell;save me and have mercy
upon me.Come Lord of the Temple,Lord of the world.Earth is
full of the majesty of thy glory.
The celebrant extends his hands,palms downwards,over the offerings on the alter.The Bell is then sounded.The celebrant continues:

Hanc igitur oblationem servitutis nostrae sed et cunctae
familiae tuae,quaesumus,Domine Satanus,ut placatus occipias;
diesque nostros in felicitate disponas,et in electorum tuorum jubeas grege numerari.
We therefore beseech thee,Lord Satan,to be appeased and to
except this offering of our bouden duty as also of thine own household;order our days in joy and count us in the
fold of thine elect.

The girl acolyte presents herself and raises her robe to
reveal her genitals.The boy acolyte holds a small cauldron
beneath her whilts she urinates into it.

V:Ecce sponsa Satanus.Domino Inferi in medio ejus est.Fluminis impetus laetificat vivos et mortuos.
Behold Satans bride.The Ifernal Lord is in the midst of her.
The stream of the river makes joyful the living and the dead.

She completes her urination and the cauldron is handed to the celebrant,who raises it high to the image os satan above the alter.

V:Domine Satanus,torrente voluptatis Tuae potabuis eos.
Quoniam apud te fons vitae;et in lumine tuo videbimus lumen.
Lord Satan,They shall drink of the torrent of thy plaesure
For with thee is the well of life,and in thy light shall we see light.
Domine Satanus corda nostra mundet infusio;et sui roris intima aspersione foecundet.
May our hearts be cleansed by the impouring of our Lord satan and may he make them fruitful by sprinkling them with the dew of his grace.
The celebrant hand the cauldron back to the girl acolyte,
who holds it out for him to dip the aspergillus into her urine.
V:Qui stitit,veniat;et qui vult,accipiat aquam vitae.
Let that thirsteth,let him come,and he that will,let him take of the water of life.

He asperges the congergation saying:
V:Ego vos benedictio in nomine Satanus.
I bless you in the name of Satan.


Here,within the forth segment of the Black Mass,the CONSERCRATION,we are arrived at the very stuff of blasphemy
itself.All that has gone before,however foul it may have
been adjudged,was simply a prelude to the actions which here accur.
The wafer,the consecrated Host stolen from the tabernacle
of a near by church,isn here subjected to such shameful
infamy as would cause any christian to cry out in horror!
The purpose of the naked woman serving as an alter is made all too clear by the actions of the priest during the CONSECATION.The congergation,together with the celebrant,recites the parody of the Lords prayer which in its context,is both orison and creed of the Satanic Rite.
In this segment,the penultimate division of the Black Mass,
the genitalia of the alter anf the Body of our Lord are brought into contact for the first time.It is by now a
foregone conclusion that worse is soon to follow,and a mounting excitement,encouraged both by the actions of the
celebrant and the intoxicants and the stimulants ingested
prior to and during the ritual,is the lot of each and every worshipper preset at the climax of the rite approaches.

The celebrant takes the wafer in his hand and
bows over it saying:

V:Hic est corpus Jesu Christi
Here is the body of Jesus Christ.

He the elevates the wafer,places it between the breast
of the alter,then touches it to the alter`s vagina.The Bell is rung.
The celebrant replaces the wafer on the paten,and picks up the chalice,bending low over it and saying:

V:Hic est calix carnis stimulus.
Here is the chalice of fleshly lust.

He raises the chalice above his head,showing it to the assembled worshippers.The bell is rung.The thurifier
gives three swigs,then the chalice is replaced.

V:Oremus.Infera institutione formati,audemus dicere.
Let us pray.Taught by Infernal example we may presume
to say:

V/R:Pater Noster.Qui es in Inferis,Sanctificetur nomen Tuum;
Adventia regnum Tuum;Fiat voluntas Tua,sicut in Infero et
in Terra;Cucem nostrum quotidianum de nobis hodie;Emitte
spiritum Tuum et renovabis faciem terrae;Libera nos ad luxuria;Libera nos ad ubertate domus Tuae;Sicut in die ambulemus;Comedite pinguia et bibite mulsum;Fornicemur;
Adquae ut ferventius corda nostra praeparentur,Flammis adure
Tuae caritatis,Domine Satanus.
Our Father who art in hell,Hallowed be thy name;Thy kindom come;Thy will be done;On earth as it is in hell;Give us this day;Our daily Light;Send forth thy spirit ;and renew the earth;Deliver us into Luxury;Deliver us into plenteousness of thy House;Let us walk as in the day;Eat fat meats;and drink sweet wines;Let us fornicate;And,that our hearts may be prepared for it;Inflame them with the fire Thy live;Lord Satan.
V:Ego sum radix et genus Lucifer,stella splendida et
matutina.Transite ad me,omnes qui concupiscitas me,et nox
illuminatio mea in deliciis meis.
I am the root and stock of Lucifer,the bright and morning star.Come over to me all ye that desire me and be filled with my fruits.Darkness shall cover me and night shall be my light in the pleasure.
R:Quia tenebrae non obscurabuntur,et nox sicut dies illuminabitur.
But the darkness shall not be dark,and night shall be as the light of day.
R:Dignum et justum est.
It is meet and just so to do.

The celebrant raise his hands palms down and says: